All  across the world to mark the International Women’s Day on 8 March, thought-evoking seminars ,intellectual speeches and various other events  events were  held .Though the  women of  21st century has ventured out of   kitchen  and have come a long way till now .Despite discriminations they had come out with flying colours. The Women’s Day is about celebrating   such women .Still , the world is full of  forces whose ideas of  antediluvian  are preceded on the subjugation of women because of that gender based violence happens in  society  and in every  country, regardless of social background ,religion etc ,this violence continues at work ,home even online ,Unfortunately those who perpetrate these  Violence’s  feel justified by a strong societal message that says these violence are acceptable ,the main reason for this is that Women hides or conceals  humiliation, physical abuse and psychological pressure they face.Though from  the last year, the  movements like #MeToo and other  have brought  the violence,discrimination and abuse   faced by the  women especially at workplaces to the lime light all over the world even in the advanced economies,and developed nations .These movements showed ,there is a need to take concrete measures to end the violence against women ,firstly  women should be  provided with an easy and  accessible  legal representation  to pursue justice against perpetrators of violence and the laws related to it should be reviewed. women in Kashmir are forced to undergo immense hardships.  The disturbing rife in Kashmir has impacted  the Kashmiri  women  the hardest .Under armed conflict woman are the worst hit section of the society in kashmir .Because of the disappreances alone here are  around  1,000 half-widows who have no whereabouts  of their husbands .Life is not easy for such   women ,they  are forced to undergo great  hardships and mental trauma. For such women the issuance of basic documents  like  ration cards etc are also difficult as these require death certificate which they don’t  have.The Women’s Day celebration here should not only be limited to the symposiums  and seminars but to find a wayout and  help these  women to ease their hardships. As Kofi Anan said “There is no tool for development more effective than the Empowerment of Women” .In kashmir  Women’s participation in the political processes and economic reforms is very meager .The central government, state government, NGO’s and local bodies should work jointly for the empowerment of women in Jammu and Kashmir. The International Women’s Day  is a day to celebrate all women,their achievements and press for progress of  women in all spheres of life and   not just only for few women and certain spheres .  It’s a day to celebrate women ,appreciate women in your lives and  gender parity in all walks of life.  Allama Iqbalِ said ;Wujood-e-Zan Se Hai Tasveer-e-Kainat Mein RangIssi Ke Saaz Se Hai Zindagi Ka Souz-e-Darun

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